Spicy stuffed Idlis, a perfect breakfast for everyone

Stuffed Idli is one of the finest and nutritive breakfast ideas for a cold morning. Your kids would just love it unconditionally.

Main Ingredients

Idli batter as per the requirement

Two finely chopped onions

Boiled peas

One mashed potato

One finely chopped carrot

Two teaspoonful cooking oil


Fresh coriander leaves


How to prepare

First, heat oil in a pan and saute onions for a minute. Add peas, mashed potatoes, finely chopped carrots and stir fry it with sauce for two minutes. Add fresh coriander leaves and set it aside.

Now, grease Idli stand with some cooking oil and pour in a spoon of Idli batter in it. Put the filling above it and cover it with another spoon of Idli batter. Steam it for five-six minutes as usual.

Serve these hot and spicy Idlis with Mayonnaise to your all family members.