Classic-filled doughnut reigns on top above all doughnuts

According to a recent survey, the classic filled doughnut reigns supreme above all doughnuts with 40 per cent of the vote. Whether they are purchased at local bakers, cafes, fun fairs or on days out, jam doughnuts are the overwhelming favourites.

The rest of the poll was a close run result with Iced doughnuts in second with 16 per cent of the vote, followed by custard with 15 per cent.

A new addition to the results were dessert doughnuts in fourth with 13 per cent. These include doughnuts with all the trimmings including cream, branded chocolate and frostings. Surprisingly sugared doughnuts were fifth and cream in last place. This year there was only one mention of chocolate doughnuts, no mention of lemon curd and other seasonal flavours which seem to be off trend.

There are some other doughnuts also in the market.

Mint Choc Chip: A ring doughnut dipped in chocolate topped with a bulb of mint-flavoured cream with chocolate chips mixed through and finished with a drizzle of mint icing.

Raspberry Ripple: A ring doughnut topped with white fudge icing that has been flavoured with raspberry and marbled with raspberry colouring then finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

Cookies and Cream: A ring doughnut topped with white fudge icing dipped in crushed cookies and cream biscuits and finished with a bulb of cream that has been mixed with blitzed cookies and cream biscuits.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie: A ring doughnut dipped in chocolate fudge icing and chocolate vermicelli topped with a bulb of chocolate cream and finished with fudge pieces.

Double Chocolate Doughnut: A hand-decorated doughnut with chocolate fondant, Belgian white chocolate spinning and marbled chocolate curls, with a creamy filling.