Try these simple and colorful Carrot Chutney Sandwich

Simple and colorful Carrot-mayonnaise and paneer-green chutney make Carrot Chutney Sandwich look great, and the simple process of putting them together gives enough opportunity for your teen to experiment. The nutritional hero – carrot – makes it a healthy snack as well.

How to prepare

Grate a cup of carrot and mix in with salt and two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Mix a cup of grated paneer and salt in another cup. Mash it well and mix in four tablespoons of green chutney.

Take three slices of bread. One the first fist spread the carrot filling and cover it with the second. On the second, spread the paneer filling and cover it with the third.

Press it down gently. Trim the sides, if you like. And cut it into two to serve.