Try these steamed Momos with Soy Sauce...


500 gm of finely grated, assorted vegetables – carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, spring onions.

Non-vegetarians can use 250 gm vegetables and 250 gm of boiled and chopped chicken or prawns

2 dozen sheets of rice paper

100 ml dark soy sauce

100 ml chili vinegar

Salt and pepper

How to prepare

Mix vegetables and chopped prawns.

Add salt and pepper.

Cut rice paper sheets into squares.

Put two teaspoons of vegetable/shrimp mixture in the middle of the rice paper.

Use water to seal the rice paper into a triangle. Stick any two corners of the triangular pouch. The momo is ready to be steamed.

Use a bamboo steamer or idli pot to steam momos.

Grease the idli pot with little oil.

Place two momos in each section.

Steam for eight minutes.

Serve with a dipping sauce of dark soy and/or chili vinegar.

You can serve the steamed momos with mayonnaise or sauce as well.



Total time for preparation

90 minutes.