Top nine pre-party foods to boost your energy


Eating yoghurt helps line the stomach. It will prevent you from eating all that is being served.

Brown rice

Brown rice is a complete fibre, which prevents cravings.


A bowl of cooked vegetables can help prevent bloating. Eat these with yoghurt and you will surely have more control over what you pick later in the party. You can blend and drink the vegetables like carrot, cucumber and tomato.

Cooked pulses

Eat a bowl of pulses two hours before the party. The combination of nutrients in pulses will give you an energetic feeling for the next few hours.

Egg white

Have egg whites with toast as eggs are high on the protein that will help you keep off sugar and tone down the fat.

Lemon water

Drink a big glass of lemon water to stay hydrated before the party.


Flaxseed will prevent acidity and protect your liver.

Coconut water

Begin your day with coconut water on the party day, followed by a breakfast of yoghurt and fruits.


Eat a few nuts like cashew nuts and almonds in breakfast in the morning of the party day.