You will just love this Cheese burst Parantha

In any winter morning, Cheese burst Parantha is just heavenly treating. It is very easy to prepare, so, try once in your kitchen.

Main ingredients

Half cup chopped capsicum

One-fourth cup sweet corn

Half cup sliced onions

Half cup chopped red bell peppers

Half cup chopped yellow bell peppers

One cup mushrooms

Half cup cheese

Half cup sauce and all ingredients used for making Parantha as per the requirement

How to prepare

Take capsicum, sweet corn, onions, red and yellow bell peppers for the filling in a bowl.

Prepare two Parantha as usual and apply the cheese and spread evenly on both.

Now apply the filling on one side and place the other over it like a sandwich. Place it on a pan and cover it.

Cut it in the pieces and serve hot after garnishing as per your taste.